About Us

The MSMIF - major project of the TU Investment Club e.V - is a student managed investment fund and with regard to the number of active members as well as its value investing focus the first of its kind in Germany. Internal structures and processes closely resemble those of a classical investment fund. All MSMIF Analyst undergo a strict assessment center followed by extensive trainings, which prepares them for their position as an equity or fixed income analyst.

The objective of the MSMIF is to establish a closer connection between academic theories and the professional investing world, by giving students the opportunity to collect experiences in the fields of Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management. Within the framework of a professional portfolio management students get among others intense training on qualitative and quantitative investment analysis, understanding the market, its psychology, investment strategies, corporate governance and risk management. Qualitative aspects like entrepreneurial thinking, discipline, patience, passion and a long-term sight are imparted alongside fundamental quantitative analysis.

Being convinced of the MSMIF's educational benefits we are in negotiations with students of other Universities across Europe, helping them to establish a similar project at their University.

As a non-profit company all potential gains will be allocated to charitable projects or organizations.

MSMIF Achievements


  • Klaus Gast and Malte Schlosser have been chosen to follow Fridtjof Brauns and Ralf Rulka as new Head of Equities and Head of Fixed Income, respectively
  • Second fundraising roadshow starts


  • 31 new Junior Analysts are joining the MSMIF Team
  • MSMIF invests in three new Companies: Adler Modemärkte, Drägerwerk and Alfmeier. Thanks to Mustafa Hidir, Malte Schlosser, Ralf Rulka and Maximilian Reisinger for their professional company analysis


  • Within our cooperation with “Via Intelligence Advisors” (http://www.via-value.de/) the MSMIF is being invited to join the Value Intelligence Conference 2015 with guest-speakers such as Bruce Greenwald and James Montier


  • Due to the high number of analysts the MSMIF reorganizes its equities team by introducing Sector Heads for specific industries. Thanks to Fridtjof Brauns and Klaus Gast for the great ideas and high commitment
  • Start of the analyst training sessions for our newcomers of SS15


  • The MSMIF makes its first real-money investment and closes its virtual-money portfolio by the end of March with an incredible performance of around 25% p.a.


  • The MSMIF extends its cooperation with "Bayerisches Finanz Zentrum e.V.”


  • The MSMIF is being invited to hold a workshop at the Fit for TUMorrow Day 2014
  • An extended Gurufocus Membership is being granted for the MSMIFs’ analysts


  • Start of the analyst training sessions for our newcomers of WS14/15



  • Emil Zawadzki follows Max Weiß as Co-CEO




  • Timo Huguet follows Florian Weingärtner as Co-CEO


  • Foundation of the MSMIF UG (haftungsbeschränkt). The number of analysts amounts to 30.


  • Value Investing analyst training events with Forum Family Office.


  • The “Bayerisches Finanzzentrum” (http://www.fivego.de ) partners with the MSMIF. The number of analysts amounts to 15.


  • The first test meeting of the investment committee takes place to kick off with equity research. The first models for Equity and Fixed Income Management are completed


  • Launch of the Student Managed Investment Fund project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use other strategies than value investment?

No, we focus only on long-term Value Investing strategies. We do not rely on macroeconomic forecasts, technical analysis or asset allocation. Furthermore, we avoid expensive high growth stocks.

How do you evaluate growth?

In Value Investing we focus on sustainable revenues and earnings and try to find arguments why these will also be achieved in future. Specific growth rates are much harder to evaluate and therefore risky to include in a fair share price consideration. We like companies that grow, we just don't want to pay for it.

How do you use profits?

Potential returns are distributed through an independent awarding committee to charitable organizations and can be allocated to research projects.

How do you train new analysts?

Each semester we organize comprehensive trainings for new analysts. Value Investing and company analysis are learned by our analysts in the training sessions.

How can I get involved?

Only TU Investment Club members are able to become MSMIF Analysts. Recruiting starts at the beginning of each semester. For further information regarding the recruiting feel free to contact us via contact@msmif.de or by simply visiting our recruiting events at the semester start. All dates will be announced on the TU Investment Club homepage (http://www.tuinvest.de).

Do I have to be a finance or business student to become part of the MSMIF?

No, we are looking for motivated students from a variety of backgrounds. Motivation and passion for financial topics, business model analysis und investment strategies are key requirements to join the Club and our MSMIF project

Do I have to put my own money into the fund?

No, the MSMIF gets its money from charitable donations from our partners and sponsors. For sure we welcome if you follow our investment ideas with your own portfolio as an analyst but there is no obligation to do so.

I have further questions!

Feel free contact us with your questions: contact@msmif.de

MSMIF Management

Merlin Tobaben

Head of Fixed Income
Merlin studies Business Administration at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich.

Katharina Brenner

Katharina Brenner studies Business Administration and Psychology at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich.

Malte Schlosser

Malte Schlosser studies Mathematics with Business Administration as well as Economics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. His main interests in the field of Finance are Credit Risk Management and Behavioral Finance.

Thomas Lux

Head of Equities
Thomas studies Mathematics at LMU Munich. His main interests in the field of Finance are Value Investing and Asset Management.